Buyer Representation

At Hornung and Scimone P.C., we offer expert real estate buyer representation to clients throughout Massachusetts. Buying a home is the largest purchase you may ever make and when it comes to the legalities, retaining expert legal counsel you can trust is a key aspect to any real estate transaction. We offer experienced, efficient, and pragmatic legal advice.

Our legal services include the following but may vary depending on whether you are purchasing a single family home, multi family home or condominium:

  • Review of the deed into the Sellers.
  • Reviewing any noted encumbrances or restrictions shown on the deed.
  • Obtaining and reviewing the recorded subdivision plan creating your parcel (if one so exists).
  • Review of the MLS listing sheet and Sellers disclosure.
  • Review of the Offer to Purchase, financing, current housing, specific property details and inspection items.
  • Review of condominium documents, and financials (if applicable).
  • Negotiating and review of the Purchase and Sale Agreement (P&S).
  • Handling of any issues or extensions that arise between the Purchase and Sale Agreement and closing.
  • Careful review of the title and deed into the Buyer.
  • Careful preparation and review the final CD – closing disclosure statement – before it is sent out by your Lender.
  • Legal counsel will attend the closing with you and review the certification of title, deed, settlement statement, note, mortgage and ancillary closing documents.
  • This is a dual agency in which we will be acting as your attorney as well as your lender’s attorney.

We will handle any problems that arise between the P&S and closing, attend the closing, and review all closing documents with you. In representing you as a buyer, our mission is to provide top legal representation and to make your home purchasing experiences an enjoyable one.


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See what our clients are saying our expertise in real estate buyer representation.