We are a specialty law firm with over 185 years of combined experience. Our forte is residential real estate and basic estate planning. We provide our clients with first class service at a fair price.

Our services include:

Why hire us?

  • Low FLAT FEES for full representation from today through closing
  • We are a premier law firm with over 185 years of combined experience, working hard to ensure your transaction goes smoothly
  • If buying, we will have the State’s top examiners perform a full title search on the property you are purchasing to ensure it is clean and marketable
  • We provide industry leading due diligence and services for our clients


Buyer Representation

Buying a home is the largest purchase you may ever make and when it comes to the legalities, retaining expert legal counsel you can trust is strongly recommended. At Hornung & Scimone, P.C., we offer experienced, efficient, and pragmatic legal advice, which includes: reviewing the Seller’s deed and any encumbrances or restrictions shown on it; providing and reviewing any existing subdivision plans; reviewing the Multiple Listing Sheet and the Offer to Purchase; and negotiating the Purchase & Sale Agreement (P&S). We will also handle any problems that arise between the P&S and closing, attend the closing, and review all closing documents with you.

In representing you as a buyer, our mission is to provide top legal representation and to make your home purchasing experiences an enjoyable one.

Seller Representation

Selling a home can be complicated and when it comes to the legalities, expert counsel that you can trust is strongly recommended. At Hornung & Scimone, P.C., we offer experienced, efficient, and pragmatic legal services including: the drafting and negotiating of the Purchase & Sale Agreement (P&S); the handling of any issues that may arise between P&S and closing; the drafting of your deed, along with a Power of Attorney for the closing; reviewing the Closing Disclosure with you prior to closing to confirm that all the numbers are accurate; attending the closing with you, or on your behalf (under Power of Attorney); and the handling of your proceeds.

In representing you as a seller, our mission is to provide you with top legal representation and to make your sale pleasant and stress-free.

Estate Planning

We encourage all clients to have a comprehensive Estate Plan. Although estate plans vary by individual, a typical plan may include: a Will, a Living Will, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney, and Emergency Guardianship for minors.

To begin the process, or for more information, contact our office to schedule a ten minute phone call appointment OR fill out the below questionnaire and email it to: nicole @ hornungscimone<dot>com or fax it to: 508-651-9337 (ATTN: Nicole).

Download our estate planning questionnaire

Short Sales

We provide a complimentary legal consultation in which we discuss the specifics of your situation, how a short sale works, what the potential tax implications are, and what impact a short sale may have on your credit. Our office also works with accountants and bankruptcy attorneys who can provide further guidance in these areas, if needed. Our main goal is to make sure a short sale is right for you, and to put an actionable game plan together so that you can move on with your life.

Hornung & Scimone, P.C. has over 650 short sales approved with 90 different lenders – and counting!

Call our office today to discuss short sale opportunities – 508.651.1090.

Hornung & Scimone, P.C. was a pleasure to do business with, even under the stressful circumstances of a Short Sale. Communication with David Scimone and Holly Williams was exceptional, they were always available to answer any question I had, and there were many! The Short Sale was smooth and moved quickly. I was granted full debt cancellation, and am now able to move forward, and start fresh financially. I would highly recommend Hornung & Scimone, P.C.

Steve, MA (Short Sale Seller)

As if moving across the country isn’t stressful enough, add to the fact that we had to sell our house via short sale and you have 2 very stressed out people! The Attorney explained the process to us in detail to relieve that stress and went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us get our short sale completed as soon as possible.

Liz, Chicago, IL (Short Sale Seller)


Purchase & Sale Agreements (P&S)

The standard Massachusetts Real Estate Purchase & Sale Agreement (P&S) is anything but “standard.” Each real estate transaction is unique and thus, each agreement requires its own review and modifications. With the P&S arguably being the most important document in the buying/selling process, it is imperative that a Massachusetts real estate attorney look it over before you sign on the dotted line.

Looking to best protect all parties’ rights and remedies, and customize the agreement to the particular aspects of your transaction, Hornung & Scimone, P.C. is here to help.